Lately I’ve been paying close attention to my surroundings, and during that time I been emotionally distressed and burdened, because I’m waiting for the Lord to give me new insight, new revelation, and to take me into a new direction on how I need to speak on some things; it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Because I’ve been observing things that really needs to be addressed. Things that are making me feel very uncomfortable and it angers me to see the downward spiral and condition of my people. Now I may get a lot of backlash for all that I’m about to say but if I offend anybody then hopefully you’ll get mad enough to change. And what I’m about to say doesn’t apply to every black person because I myself am a black woman who have accomplished a lot compared to how I use to be. And there are many others, my black brothers and sisters who are successful and doing very well for themselves; entrepreneurs, professors, athletes, along with those who are giving back to the community, who’ve reached the height of their success, and are making a difference in the times that we’re living in. Anyone who puts forth the effort will see that hard work eventually pays off, and that should be the mindset of many but sadly it’s not. Women (Not all) who are living in public housing have nothing better to do with their time, but are lazy, attracting men who are just like them with no job, no skills, no education, and nothing to offer. There’s nothing wrong with living in public housing as long as you’re working or going back to school to get a degree to better yourselves, and to provide a better living environment for you and your children. But instead, too many women are so desperate for love that they’re allowing their boyfriends along with his friends to hang out at her house, or they’re standing around in the breezeway outside of her house firing up blunts, using all kind of profanity, exposing their ignorance, rapping to foolishness, know every word to a song but can’t answer a simple question, not caring if an elderly person or child is standing nearby. They’re standing all around the apartment complexes making the entire neighborhood look so bad, then they wonder why polices are always in the area keeping a close eye on them. Instead of some of you wanting to work and make a living the right way, you’ll rather sell drugs in the community or wait until it gets dark to break into somebody’s house to rob and kill them for all that they’ve worked for. And your poor excuse for your actions is that your children gotta eat. If your know they gotta eat then go to work! They can’t eat if you’re locked up, they can’t eat if you’re shot up and laying in a hospital bed all because you wanna make money by taking what somebody else worked for, and they can’t eat if you’re dead. Your conversations are futile, and your head is so empty that you have no wisdom to offer the younger generation who are growing up watching your ignorance. You’re a poor excuse for being a man with your pants sagging all the way down to your ankles, you’re spitting everywhere, quick to throwing up your middle finger, exposing how stupid you really are, then get offended when people of other races don’t want you in their restaurants or walking around in their neighborhoods, and I don’t blame them because I don’t want you walking around in mines. And if you’re applying for jobs and not getting hired then it’s probably because you’re going on interviews talking and dressing like you’re on the streets, and I’m not putting down my race but some of you need to do better than what you’re doing. Black lives will never matter if don’t ever change your mentality; you’re always putting somebody down, never have nothing positive to say, you hate to see the next person doing better than you, you’re always trying to keep up with the Joneses, or kissing up to people on your jobs just to get a position because you’re a bunch of Uncle Tom’s, killing each other everyday and then wanna protest about injustice. Have several seats and examine your own life, look at yourselves in the mirror and ask God to fix you in order to be an inspiration to others.


I can remember a few years ago when I use to go and check my mailbox and would notice a letter that came from a certain church. I use to get those letters a lot from this church although I never knew how they had access to my address. When I read the letters it had prophecies written in it concerning my life and everything sounded good until I got to the end of the letter and it said something about if I wanted to receive more prophecies to know the will of God for my life or if I wanted prayer then sow a seed. And that’s when I politely ripped up the letter because there are many churches all around the world who are asking people to sow a seed in order for your prayers to be answered or telling you that it’s the key to becoming rich. But let me tell you something, God doesn’t need your money in order for Him to answer your prayers or to heal you from some type of sickness, because God hears the prayers of the righteous and He will answer. Now I’m not saying that it’s wrong to sow seeds because the Bible does speak about paying your tithes and offerings and sowing seeds as well, but I’m talking about the churches that preach that you gotta sow seeds in order for God to answer your prayers or to heal you from a sickness or to receive a prophetic word from the Lord or to be able to receive some miracle water that’s suppose to make you rich. Run from churches that preach messages like that because they’re only deceiving you, and that’s why it’s so important to study the word of God for yourself in order to detect any errors. God made the world and everything that is in it (Acts 17:24) which means that God also created money so why would he need any of yours for that purpose when it already belongs to him? When Jesus was on earth did he ever charge anybody for prayer, for healing the sick, opening the eyes of the blind, the mute, the deaf, or did he ever charge anyone for casting out demons in their sons and daughters? Too many people are overtaken by greed and want to live comfortable at other people’s expenses, and the love of money is sending many to hell. Why should I sow a seed to a church when the pastor of that church already has millions of dollars from deceiving people? (Not all) NO YOU SOW A SEED!!!!!! and reach out to others who are in need. If you want me to sow a seed due to your greed then link me to places such as the children’s hospital, Cancer Organizations, the homeless shelters, or even the prisons because there are many children suffering from cancer and their parents are struggling to cover their medical expenses. There are homeless people who are in need of shelter, food, and blankets to keep warm; There are prisoners who need the proper study bibles to help them to understand the word of God so they can live it and become changed men and women because I don’t want them coming back out into the community being the same person that they were when they went in. So yes I would take my hard earned money and sow a seed to places such as these at your wish! Or if God has given you a task to do to advance his kingdom and you’re sincere in your calling, then once again members need to pay their tithes and offerings and sow seeds. This is my calling what I’m doing, and whatever God places in my spirit then I write it, publish it, and I sponsor it with my own money without asking anybody for anything because he gave me this task to do, and has equipped me with everything that I will need and it’s my responsibility to get the message out there but whether you read it or not is up to you. And even if he doesn’t bless me in this life then I know I’ll have many rewards awaiting me in heaven because I used the talents that he has given me and i presented to him the harvest. (Matthew 25:14-30) But this I do know that the Lord will open many doors for you if you’re fulfilling your calling and love what you’re doing for Him. You won’t have to chase money because He’ll have it chasing after you.


If you’re an everyday bible reader such as myself then you will find it in the scriptures where God through his apostles speaks about submission (Ephesians 5:21-22, 1 Peter 2:13, 1 Peter 3:1, James 4:7) And God is teaching me the importance about submission and how it will play a major role in a marriage whenever I do get married. In recent articles that I’ve written I talked about how I’d spent most of my life as a rebel, and did whatever I wanted to do without any restraints. But during those years of rebellion I prayed to God on numerous occasions about marriage because I wanted to get married so bad, only to my disappointment He never answered. Now that I’ve matured in my walk with the Lord and look back over my life, I can understand why. Submission first begins with God, and if a single woman cannot humble herself and refuses to yield herself to the Almighty God then there’s no way that she could ever submit to her husband with a rebellious spirit because the marriage will eventually crumble. In the book of Genesis 1:26 it says: Then God said, let us make man in our image, according to our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth. God gave Adam the authority to rule over the earth and also put the animals under his dominion, and Adam was so intelligent that he named every animal that walks upon the face of the earth. He was equipped and had what it took to be a leader and to maintain the earth with the wisdom that God had placed in him, and once Eve was created, it was her duty to submit to that authority and leadership that God had given to Adam. When I had finally given up and submitted myself to God, I gave Him full control over my life because I trust Him and trust that He know what He’s doing, because He see farther than what I can see because He reveals a lot of things to me. And the man that God sends to me will also know what I need, and will be filled with wisdom and spiritual insight to know how to lead and guide me into further knowledge about Christ or to anything else that pertains to this life. But the problem with most of us women is that we have attitudes. Nasty, sassy, diva type attitudes because we’re set in our ways, stubborn, don’t wanna listen to anything or anybody, we’re always right, and we always got to have the final word about everything. And then wonder why we always end up in all type of mess and situations, and wonder why don’t nobody want us, and don’t wanna be bothered with us. If Eve had fully submitted herself to Adam then sin and death would’ve never entered into the world, and if Adam had exercise the authority that God had given to him to lead and guide his wife and to protect her, then sin and death would’ve never entered in because God gave Adam the commandment concerning the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and it was his responsibility as a man and as a husband to make sure that his wife obeyed that commandment as well. Being submissive doesn’t mean that a man can do whatever he wants to do to us ladies, neither does it mean that we as women don’t have a voice or our own minds! And it doesn’t mean that a man will be right about everything because he won’t. But we can bring our ideas and opinions together, talk about everything, and coming to a mutual agreement.


I don’t know about some you but I know that I’m guilty of talking about others and speaking about some things that a person has done or did in their past, or either pointing out their flaws. But in reality, if God revealed to everyone all the thoughts that I’ve had or showed people everything that I’ve done then I would run away and hide for the rest of my life, never showing my face again because I would be too ashamed. And if everyone took the time to really search deep within themselves, then they too would realize that none of us have the room to talk down on others when we’re all guilty of something. Having secrets that are hidden that nobody knows about but God, that we’re taking to the grave with us, things that we never want to think or discuss with anybody. Back in Jesus day, there were people who appeared to be very religious and righteous who were experts and teachers of the law of Moses called Pharisees. And in the first four books of the gospel, Jesus contended with these religious leaders due to their hypocrisy. They were self righteous and always pointing out the sin in others, coming up with man made rules and rituals, while they themselves were breaking every commandment. But in 2016, there are many who walk around with religious and pharisee spirits, having a form of godliness but denying the power (2 Timothy 3:5) who chooses to wear dresses 365 days a year thinking it makes them holy but their spirits are dead, and they have carnal minds, and are sons and daughters of the devil. Going to churches that requires you not to wear any make-up or earrings which to me is a form of bondage, because it’s a man made rule which profits nothing. God never said that women had to wear only dresses, and he didn’t say that we couldn’t wear any jewelry or make-up. There are others who choose to abstain from certain foods such as pork for spiritual reasons, but utter corrupt things out of their mouth that comes from their hearts which defiles them. Unregenerate hearts that needs to be transformed and renewed. In the book of Matthew 9:10-11 it says: Now it happened, as Jesus sat at the table in the house, that behold, many tax collectors and sinners came and sat down with Him and His disciples. And when the Pharisees saw it, they said to His disciples, why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners? Believe it or not but there’s a lot of people with well paying jobs and running successful businesses who would think they’re too good to hang out with a person working at Popeye’s, and they could be driving a brand new 2016, 2017, Mercedes Benz and think they’re better than a person driving a 2005 Toyota Camry. Some people are so stuck up that it’s beneath them to hold a conversation with a person who’s living in the projects. In Matthew 23:6-7 Jesus goes on to say about the Pharisees: They love the best places at feasts, the best seats in the synagogues, greetings in the marketplaces, and to be called by men, Rabbi, Rabbi. How high and lofty people can be sometimes, the modern day 2016 Pharisees!!! We as people can get too high and above ourselves thinking we’re somebody great just because we may be related to certain individuals, wanna be Facebook celebrities, dress nice or have a little money with many so called friends, thinking people should cater to us . Some of you think that just because of what you know or who you know, or because you have a degree or degrees behind your name that you’re better than everybody else but let me break something down to you because I’m guilty as well and God put this in my spirit. God created us from the lowest of the lowest which is the ground, and all of us was made from dust ( Genesis 2:7) And all of us will return back to dust after death (Genesis 3:19) We are no better than the vegetables that we eat because they too came from the same place that we came from which is the ground where people walk, spit, and where animals release everything they’ve eaten, and that’s the reason why we should never boast about anything because of that revelation. It’s time for us to humble ourselves and break the chains of having a religious spirit. You think it’s a blessing to be rich and a curse to be poor, You think it’s a blessing to live a long time but a curse to die young, although Jesus existed before the heavens and the earth was created but yet his earthly life and ministry was only limited to thirty three years. Pure and undefiled religion before God and the father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. (James 1:27)

Vicky Pittard


The spirit of sexual immorality and lust is spreading worldwide, spirits that has been unleashed in full power that it’s making me wonder if there is anybody who is faithful anymore, or if there is a man who can be faithful to only one woman. I can remember when I was growing up and use to hear people saying that a good man could only be found in the church, but it’s sad that it’s not true anymore because the church men are far worse. There are deacons and pastors (Not all) who have side chicks and doesn’t care who knows about it, and in the word of God Jesus said that it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God (Matthew 19:23) but in my opinion it will also be hard for the sexually immoral to enter there too because some would struggle, and be unwilling to give up sexual pleasures outside of marriage. Then you have those who are married and cheating on their wives, plus joining themselves to every woman they’re sleeping around with, and yes I said joining which means fasten, attach, tie, bind, couple, connect, unite, link, weld, fuse, and glue. The bible says: Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her? For the two, he says, shall become one flesh. (1 Corinthians 6:16) You become one flesh with anybody that you sleep around with and are joined to them as if you were married to them; and the way that men and women are sleeping around these days have became one flesh and married to a lot of people. Sometimes when a woman finds out about the other, they nearly wanna kill each other about a man not realizing that they both are joined, they both are his concubines, and are sister wives in the spirit, and there may be about five or ten more of you depending on how many women he has slept with because you’re no different from a man who has multiple wives and are living in the house together with all of them. And once you are joined to someone it is hard to break free and could feel like you’re on drugs. When you get that first high and enjoy the feeling, you will soon begin to want more and more. You will spend money, chase it, and would feel that you cannot live without it and it’s just the same when you’re intimate with a person or multiple people and the situation could get out of control or either drive you completely insane. At the age of sixteen I was in a relationship with a guy who was three years older than me and I almost lost my mind. I tried to commit suicide after he broke up with me back in March of 1991, and I was sent to Charter Winds Hospital where I stayed for a whole month. Not only was i young, in love, and naive, but I was trapped and connected to this man in body, soul, and spirit; an unholy union that caused me to have an emotional breakdown because at that time, my mind was the devil’s playground. And just as a drug addict have withdrawals when they’re coming off of drugs, so was I having spiritual withdrawals deep within me because a severing was taking place. All contact and communication had been cut off between me and the guy due to the fact that I was locked away in a hospital, and it made the situation even better because it gave God the opportunity to begin cutting and disconnecting him completely from my spirit. To every married woman I encourage you to pray for your husbands every single day because the most powerful weapon against infidelity is prayer. And just because he may be a pastor, choir director, deacon, a good father, or a well respected person in the community doesn’t mean that he’s not capable of falling because it’s possible. But your prayers and supplication could sustain him and help him to resist temptation because if you don’t pray then you may find yourself sharing your husband with other women and having sister wives in the spirit. And to the unmarried women, keep your gates (legs) closed, wait on the Lord, pray, and break every unholy union.

Vicky Pittard



In today’s society, whenever you turn on the television or the radio you will always hear something pertaining to money and material possessions. We listen to the lyrics of songs and see the life of the rich and famous and even on social media (especially Facebook) you find many flashing their money wanting everybody to know that they got it. Yes we need money in order to survive and there’s nothing wrong with buying whatever your heart desire and living a comfortable lifestyle especially when you’ve worked so hard for it. Here is what I have seen, It is good and fitting for one to eat and drink and to enjoy the good of all his labor in which he toils under the sun all the days of his life which God gives him; for it is his heritage. ( Ecclesiastes 5:18) So being financially stable is a gift from God but where the problem begins to occur, is that when a person is blessed financially, they only live for the moment. And a person who only lives for the moment lacks much wisdom; why do I say that? because some of us are forgetting that one day we must die. I will be reading from the book of Ecclesiastes and will break it down to you. In Ecclesiastes 2:18-19 it reads: Then I hated all my labor in which I had toiled under the sun, because I must leave it to the man who will come after me. And who knows whether he will be wise or a fool? Yet he will rule over all my labor in which I toiled and in which I have shown myself wise under the sun, for this is also vanity. For those of you who love flashing and boasting about your money, my question to you is this, If you dropped dead right now, where and who will your money go to? Do you have it planned and figured out already? If you have cars and living in a house, are you buying them to own them so that you can enjoy them now? So that if anything ever happens to you then you can pass it down to your children or your children’s children so that all of your hard labor wouldn’t be in vain or go to a stranger. So many times I’ve heard of too many individuals dying, and family members fighting over who was getting what. They’re arguing about money, over clothes and things like that. People die without a will, and don’t bother creating a will while their living to keep down confusion when they die. It would definitely make It easier for everything to be divided, especially the ones who has a lot of possessions. So it’s time to stop showcasing money, and put it into good use. Be wise enough to enjoy the little that you may have right now and educate your children so they will know how to run any businesses, or manage whatever that you leave behind so they can continue the legacy. I do what I do for a reason, and I write for a reason because God has entrusted me with this task to reach out to help millions of people, and not only am I doing it for people, but I’m also doing it to leave behind a legacy. I want to leave to my grandchildren more than just material things, but I’m leaving behind writings and teachings so that when they grow up they will be able to read The Power Of Celibacy and live by it. I’m leaving behind testimonies, so they will know how to conduct themselves as men and women, and the importance of knowing and obeying God.


As many who enter the house of God on Sunday mornings to sing hymns, to pray, and bringing all of your problems to the altar, giving God all of the praises and cheerfully giving your tithes and offerings, sitting through the service listening to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the preacher brings forth the word. And when it gets close to the end of service and the doors of the church are opened, there is a call for salvation to anyone who wants to receive it. To the new believer in Christ or for anyone who’s thinking about giving their lives to the Lord and living for Him then I want to strengthen you for what is to come, because too many people are trying to make salvation seem like a cake walk and like it’s all about going to church every Sunday and that’s it; And because many are believing that, they never grow spiritually, and think it’s okay to do whatever that pleases the flesh. If it’s all about going to church every Sunday then why are so many so called believers in the church are still lying, gossiping, cursing, smoking cigarettes, committing adultery, fornicating, and drinking? It’s way more to it then just going to church! God isn’t looking for weak people who will only be saved for a few days and be saved only during the church service, then revert back to their old lifestyle, but God is looking for soldiers who will be humble and submit to Him, study His word each day, pray, grow spiritually, be obedient, bear fruits, and allow Him to equip the man or woman of God to win souls, and to fight against the kingdom of darkness without fear. He wants those who are willing to suffer and to endure hardship for His name sake! Salvation is pretty much a crucifixion walk and if you’re not ready to suffer then you’re not ready to follow Him; if you’re not ready to be hated then you don’t need to follow Him, and if you’re not ready to be falsely accused, spoken against, or lose any friends then salvation is not for you and you don’t need to enlist yourselves in this army. I am not trying to discourage anybody but only trying to warn you because many preachers don’t tell you these things, but I will tell you the truth that it’s not easy but in the end, it’ll definitely be worth it. You will never know what your purpose is if you never go through any trials, you will never fulfill your purpose if you never endure hardship, you would never call on God if everything was going good, and you could never answer the calling that God has bestowed upon your life if you’re not willing to suffer. God doesn’t only use suffering to shape and to mold us into the image of his Son, but He also uses suffering to birth something out of us. Whenever a pregnant woman is in labor, she screams in agony as she pushes forth a child into the world. If I had never suffered and gone through half of the things that I went through, then The Power Of Celibacy website would’ve never been born. God wants you to endure hardship so that through Him you could push out your own business, a ministry, a praise, a shout, a testimony, a breakthrough, or even push out His power to heal the sick and to cast out devils. No matter what it is, just endure the pain and push without giving up. And from the days of john the baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. ( Matthew 11:12) Are you that willing vessel? Do you have what it takes? Will you be bold for Christ in these last days? Are you that soldier? Are you ready to suffer? If so, then if you’re not married, get ready to be celibate, get ready to fight, get ready to pray, get ready to cry sometimes, get ready to grow weary, get ready to walk alone, get ready to be alone, get ready to lose friends, get ready to be hated, but most of all, get ready for His coming.

Vicky Pittard