Have you ever felt at some point in your life that the whole world was against you? Where there was conflict coming from every side whether it was on your job, at home, or within your family? I have left jobs to work somewhere else because the pressure was too much, only to go through it all over again at the new job. No matter where I tried to run to, trouble always seemed to find me. I was marked from birth, set apart and chosen by God. I never was the type to have many friends and was strange in people’s eyes growing up because they could never understand me or figure me out. But how can you completely understand a person who has been chosen by the Living God when God Himself cannot be figured out? Not only that but i was considered as crazy as well, a reputation that put fear in the hearts of men because they was afraid of me and would not date me. Every true born again believer is marked; chosen, anointed, empowered, and set apart. And being marked also comes with a cross that you’re crucified to all the days of your life. I’ve had more conflict with immediate family members than I’ve had with strangers. Whoever is a willing and open vessel the devil will use due to their ignorance and vulnerability, whether it’s yours brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. Now that I’m wiser, I have zero tolerance on chaos, divisions, and people who just love creating drama. Everybody should have that mindset because people will stress you out if you allow them to and drive you crazy. And to be truthful with you about my zero tolerance level, I’m not on speaking terms with my own mother, sister, and brother. I blocked all of them and changed my number because my family loves drama and love seeing everybody against one another, talking about each other and I don’t have time for it because it’s been ongoing and back and forth for years. Sometimes you have to separate yourself and cut people off in order for them to see themselves to allow the conviction to kick in, hoping they’ll change. Life is too short and I refuse to live in misery because others are not happy with themselves but bitter, and extremely messy. You have people on the jobs who wanna compete with you when there’s really no competition. The mark on your life gives you favor with your bosses that causes others to envy you for no reason because working hard is in me, and I know what needs to be done without my bosses having to tell me. And will do even more without them having to ask me to, but no matter how good you are or try to be, evil is always present. There will always be a snake lying in wait ready to attack with another demon supporting it. Jesus spoke of the world’s hatred toward believers in John 15:19. It doesn’t surprise me at all when people hates me and it shouldn’t surprise you either. They hate the mark, the light; because they rather live in darkness, they hate your lifestyle, and who you represent, and they definitely hate the Gospel.

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