Now I don’t have to remind everyone that eventually we’re going to die because everybody is fully aware of that, and a lot of times we don’t wanna think about death but whether we think about it or not, we know that it’s coming. But losing a love one is the most hardest thing that a person has to endure because all that is left are the memories, and knowing that they will never walk the face of the earth again is torture within itself. But again, maybe if we start to think about death more often then we will be prepared and know how to cope with the pain once a person passes away because some people take it very hard due to regrets. Regretting for not spending time with the individual like they should have or not telling the person how much they love them while they were still here. Or maybe there were disagreements and you didn’t get the opportunity to make things right and you say to yourself: I should have done this or I should have done that or I wish this and I wish that, constantly beating yourself up. But if you just remind yourself that everybody is not going to live forever and begin to treat people as if it’s their last day on earth, then it will make it easier for you when they do pass away because today could be their last day, just like it could your last day, you’ll never know. Spend quality time with with your love ones, tell them how much you appreciate and love them, do good deeds and bless them for no reason, make videos during the happier times so that you can always have something to look back on with no regrets. Why go to the grave and talk to the wind, when you can talk to them now? Why put flowers on the grave when you can give them flowers now? Why go and visit their graves when you can visit them right now? Do good deeds now, and that will ease your pain later, show them love right now and that will be your healing when death occurs because you will be at peace for all that you have done. But most of all if they died in Christ then you already know where they are, and that should be your greatest comfort.

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