Have you ever prayed to God asking for deliverance whether it was from an addition or some form of habit or anything that was keeping you in bondage only to find yourself delivered for a little while and then relapse? Or if you don’t relapse then you’re still wrestling and struggling with the very thing that you can’t seem to shake off? Well it’s because there’s an open door, or doors (more than one) that hasn’t been completely closed yet. You may be asking yourself what do she mean by an open door? I am talking about spiritual doors that we willingly open out of ignorance, when we’re caught up and bound in all types of sin and really don’t know the major effects that it has on us, because when you’re living for the devil you are completely opened, making your body, soul, and spirit available for him and his demons to dwell,and you better believe they’re coming. And as they’re entering, they’re bringing spirits more wicked than themselves (Luke 11:24-26) and you’ll find yourself all messed up, possessed with demons you never thought you had, thinking you’re losing your mind when you start desiring the opposite sex and thinking perverted thoughts. No you’re not losing your mind but you’re opened, and that type of spirit has entered into you. A lot of born again believers are walking around with open doors and i was one of them because i use to let any wrong thought roam freely through my mind without casting them down. The door to my mind was so opened that it allowed the devil to come in and create strongholds and i was mentally tormented from those satanic attacks but you can read more about that in my article: Spiritual Warfare; The Battlefield Of The Mind. Now the bible clearly states that if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed (John 8:36) but my question to some of you is this, if you have prayed for deliverance then what are you willing to do to stay free? You can’t expect to stay free if you don’t have a prayer life, and your spirit is starving because it is being deprived of the word. (the bible) and you’re not putting anything in it. Some of you are too lazy to read only one verse in the bible but you would spend an entire day on your cell phones talking, texting, strolling, and entertaining social media. I know you have heard of people being alcohol or drug free for years, some 15 and 20 plus years and then relapse. And if some haven’t relapsed without having God in their lives then it’s because the prayer of the righteous is still upholding them. Somebody’s praying for them! (James 5:16) I am a former masturbator, and i didn’t do it while serving time in prison but a year after i was released (2005) but i do not wrestle or struggle with that anymore because the door has been closed for years. If you’re still struggling with something then it’s because it’s still there, but you’ll know when you’re fully delivered when it no longer becomes a thought or even enter your mind. Every now and then you may be tempted with it, but nothing will move on the inside because you died to it, and the desires have died as well. To this day, i am still cool with an ex- boyfriend that i dated back in 2010, and we stayed together off and on for two and a half years and finally went our separate ways for good in 2013. He recently gotten his own place and wanted me to come over to see how nice he had fixed it up, and although i have absolutely no desire of wanting to be with him again, i will never step a foot into his house because that’s a door that God closed behind me, and i refuse to go back through it. It’s okay to be cool with people, but sometimes it’s good to be cool from a distant!!! Don’t ever go back through a door that God has closed, because even Jesus himself said: No one having put his hand to the plow, and looking back is not fit for the kingdom of God (Luke 9:62)

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