Whenever we take a vacation, we pack our bags and luggage’s filling them with clothes and different items that we will need while being away. And depending on how much we’re taking with us, the luggage can become so full and heavy that we would need carts to help us to bear the burden because by carrying them ourselves it could somehow effect us in some way. Even with the human bodies as we already know that by weighing a certain amount and being overweight can cause serious health problems, and also carrying around spiritual weights and baggages are just as bad because it can bring a person’s life to ruins, and that’s the reason why most relationships and marriages have failed because people have brought in luggage’s from other relationships or from the past that were filled with pain, anger, insecurities, rejection, sexual, physical, mental, verbal abuse, and betrayal. But instead of some of us turning to God so that He can deal with our issues and to give us His yoke to bear, we instead choose to harbor those things inside for many years which eventually weighs us down, causing us much misery and distress. The weight of those things are too heavy because people are still holding grudges from something that happened ten, twenty, and thirty years ago. Then you go into relationships bound, and expecting your mate or your spouse to bring you some comfort and relief when they may not know what’s going on with you, because you never really talked about your past or opened up to them. And even if you opened up to them, you’re still angry because you have allowed those weights to take root within you. You’re blaming and punishing them for what others have done, and accusing them of everybody because of your insecurities; if they leave the house to go somewhere, you’re blowing up their phones thinking they’re cheating when they’re probably not, you’re accusing them of this person and that person and if you see a nice looking woman or a nice looking man then you become offended at them, all because you don’t feel good about yourself and about who you are. God could never send you a man or woman ladies and gentlemen, because your weights would suppress them and push them away, and that’s the reason why a lot of you are still single. In the book of Hebrews it reads: Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us.(Hebrews 12:1-2) Whether some of you realize this or not but sin itself is nothing but heavy weight, a deadly one at that!!! It will strain and crush the very life out of you and when I was living in it, I was extremely heavy and my life was a living hell because God made it that way until I returned back to him. Every sin that I was living in brought about a different weight, that I became so sick of myself and told God that I missed the relationship that Him and I once had, and that I wanted it back. And because God knows the heart, he knew that I was sincere and restored our relationship and I never looked back again. I am no longer bound, nor do I feel heaviness in my spirit because I have taken His yoke upon me and follow Him. I have been freed from my past, freed from sin, and freed from weights.

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