It’s been three whole months since I’ve written an article but during that time of being on break I’ve been meditating, working, resting, seeking, and waiting for the Lord to give me new insight, new revelation, and to take me into a new direction with my writing because lately I’ve been observing some things that needed to be addressed. Things that are making me feel very uncomfortable and it angers me to see the downward spiral and the condition of my people. Now I may get a lot of backlash for all that I’m about to say but if I offend anybody then hopefully you’ll get mad enough to change, and what I’m about to say doesn’t apply to every black person because I myself am a black woman who have accomplished a lot compared to how I use to be. And there are many others, my black brothers and sisters who are successful and doing very well for themselves; entrepreneurs, professors, athletes, along with those who are giving back to the community, who’ve reached the height of their success and are making a difference in the times that we’re living in. Anyone who puts forth the effort will see that hard work eventually pays off and that should be the mindset of many but sadly it’s not. Women (Not all) who are living in public housing have nothing better to do with their lives but are idle and attracting men who are just like them with no job, no skills, and nothing to offer. There’s nothing wrong with living in public housing as long as you’re working or going back to school to get a degree to better yourselves and to provide a better living environment for you and your children but instead, too many women are so desperate for love that they’re allowing their boyfriends and his friends to hang out at her house or they’re standing around in the breezeways firing up blunts, using all kind of profanity not caring if an elderly person or children are standing nearby. They’re standing all around the apartment complexes making the entire neighborhood look so bad and then wonder why the police’s are always in the area keeping a close eye on them. Instead of some of you wanting to work and make a living the right way, you’ll rather sell drugs in the community or wait until it gets dark to break into somebody’s house to rob and kill them for all that they’ve worked for and your poor excuse for your actions is this: My children gotta eat. Well if your children gotta eat then go to work! They can’t eat if you’re locked up, they can’t eat if you’re shot up and laying in a hospital bed all because you were foolish and broke into the wrong house, and they can’t eat if you’re dead. Your conversations are futile and your head is so empty that you have no wisdom to offer the younger generation who are growing up watching you. Some of you are a poor excuse for being a black man with your pants sagging all the way down to your ankles, you’re spitting everywhere, quick to throw up your middle finger, exposing your true ignorance and then get offended when people of other races don’t want you walking around in their neighborhoods and I don’t blame them because I don’t want you walking around in mines. And if you’re applying for jobs but not getting hired then it’s probably because you’re going on interviews talking and dressing like you’re on the streets, and I’m not putting down my race but some of you need to do better than what you’re doing. Black lives won’t matter until you first start making your own life matter by loving and respecting yourself, and then you’ll learn how to love and respect the next black man instead of killing one another.


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