I can remember a few years ago when I use to go and check my mailbox and would notice a letter that came from a certain church. I use to get those letters a lot from this church although I never knew how they had access to my address. When I read the letters it had prophecies written in it concerning my life and everything sounded good until I got to the end of the letter and it said something about if I wanted to receive more prophecies to know the will of God for my life or if I wanted prayer then sow a seed. And that’s when I politely ripped up the letter because there are many churches all around the world who are asking people to sow a seed in order for your prayers to be answered or telling you that it’s the key to becoming rich. But let me tell you something, God doesn’t need your money in order for Him to answer your prayers or to heal you from some type of sickness, because God hears the prayers of the righteous and He will answer. Now I’m not saying that it’s wrong to sow seeds because the Bible does speak about paying your tithes and offerings and sowing seeds as well, but I’m talking about the churches that preach that you gotta sow seeds in order for God to answer your prayers or to heal you from a sickness or to receive a prophetic word from the Lord or to be able to receive some miracle water that’s suppose to make you rich. Run from churches that preach messages like that because they’re only deceiving you, and that’s why it’s so important to study the word of God for yourself in order to detect any errors. God made the world and everything that is in it (Acts 17:24) which means that God also created money so why would he need any of yours for that purpose when it already belongs to him? When Jesus was on earth did he ever charge anybody for prayer, for healing the sick, opening the eyes of the blind, the mute, the deaf, or did he ever charge anyone for casting out demons in their sons and daughters? Too many people are overtaken by greed and want to live comfortable at other people’s expenses, and the love of money is sending many to hell. Why should I sow a seed to a church when the pastor of that church already has millions of dollars from deceiving people? (Not all) NO YOU SOW A SEED!!!!!! and reach out to others who are in need. If you want me to sow a seed due to your greed then link me to places such as the children’s hospital, Cancer Organizations, the homeless shelters, or even the prisons because there are many children suffering from cancer and their parents are struggling to cover their medical expenses. There are homeless people who are in need of shelter, food, and blankets to keep warm; There are prisoners who need the proper study bibles to help them to understand the word of God so they can live it and become changed men and women because I don’t want them coming back out into the community being the same person that they were when they went in. So yes I would take my hard earned money and sow a seed to places such as these at your wish! Or if God has given you a task to do to advance his kingdom and you’re sincere in your calling, then once again members need to pay their tithes and offerings and sow seeds. This is my calling what I’m doing, and whatever God places in my spirit then I write it, publish it, and I sponsor it with my own money without asking anybody for anything because he gave me this task to do, and has equipped me with everything that I will need and it’s my responsibility to get the message out there but whether you read it or not is up to you. And even if he doesn’t bless me in this life then I know I’ll have many rewards awaiting me in heaven because I used the talents that he has given me and i presented to him the harvest. (Matthew 25:14-30) But this I do know that the Lord will open many doors for you if you’re fulfilling your calling and love what you’re doing for Him. You won’t have to chase money because He’ll have it chasing after you.


  1. Hi Vicky.. Thanks for following my blog and I feel affinity with the words you speak in this post.. I believe in the ‘spirit of God’ and try to align my life to the 10 commandments, but not in a specific religion as I feel that ‘churches’ are just political institutions which have ‘power struggles’ and in many cases, a great deal of wealth that they don’t always put to best use.. (not always..). I look forward to reading more of your posts! x

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  2. Sadly, it seems more and more churches want to fund their pastor’s lifestyle rather than help God’s children. It makes Christ’s bride look like a gold digger. I don’t understand how they can think that’s okay. We can sow our own seeds by doing good works.

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