The spirit of sexual immorality and lust is spreading worldwide, spirits that has been unleashed in full power that it’s making me wonder if there is anybody who is faithful anymore, or if there is a man who can be faithful to only one woman. I can remember when I was growing up and use to hear people saying that a good man could only be found in the church, but it’s sad that it’s not true anymore because the church men are far worse. There are deacons and pastors (Not all) who have side chicks and doesn’t care who knows about it, and in the word of God Jesus said that it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God (Matthew 19:23) but in my opinion it will also be hard for the sexually immoral to enter there too because some would struggle, and be unwilling to give up sexual pleasures outside of marriage. Then you have those who are married and cheating on their wives, plus joining themselves to every woman they’re sleeping around with, and yes I said joining which means fasten, attach, tie, bind, couple, connect, unite, link, weld, fuse, and glue. The bible says: Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her? For the two, he says, shall become one flesh. (1 Corinthians 6:16) You become one flesh with anybody that you sleep around with and are joined to them as if you were married to them; and the way that men and women are sleeping around these days have became one flesh and married to a lot of people. Sometimes when a woman finds out about the other, they nearly wanna kill each other about a man not realizing that they both are joined, they both are his concubines, and are sister wives in the spirit, and there may be about five or ten more of you depending on how many women he has slept with because you’re no different from a man who has multiple wives and are living in the house together with all of them. And once you are joined to someone it is hard to break free and could feel like you’re on drugs. When you get that first high and enjoy the feeling, you will soon begin to want more and more. You will spend money, chase it, and would feel that you cannot live without it and it’s just the same when you’re intimate with a person or multiple people and the situation could get out of control or either drive you completely insane. At the age of sixteen I was in a relationship with a guy who was three years older than me and I almost lost my mind. I tried to commit suicide after he broke up with me back in March of 1991, and I was sent to Charter Winds Hospital where I stayed for a whole month. Not only was i young, in love, and naive, but I was trapped and connected to this man in body, soul, and spirit; an unholy union that caused me to have an emotional breakdown because at that time, my mind was the devil’s playground. And just as a drug addict have withdrawals when they’re coming off of drugs, so was I having spiritual withdrawals deep within me because a severing was taking place. All contact and communication had been cut off between me and the guy due to the fact that I was locked away in a hospital, and it made the situation even better because it gave God the opportunity to begin cutting and disconnecting him completely from my spirit. To every married woman I encourage you to pray for your husbands every single day because the most powerful weapon against infidelity is prayer. And just because he may be a pastor, choir director, deacon, a good father, or a well respected person in the community doesn’t mean that he’s not capable of falling because it’s possible. But your prayers and supplication could sustain him and help him to resist temptation because if you don’t pray then you may find yourself sharing your husband with other women and having sister wives in the spirit. And to the unmarried women, keep your gates (legs) closed, wait on the Lord, pray, and break every unholy union.

Vicky Pittard

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