As many who enter the house of God on Sunday mornings to sing hymns, to pray and to worship, giving God all of the praises along with giving tithes and offerings, and sitting through the service listening to a good sermon as the preacher brings forth the word of God. And when it gets close to the end of the service and the doors of the church are opened, there is a call for salvation to anyone who wants to receive it. To the new believer in Christ or for anyone who’s thinking about giving their lives to the Lord and living for him then I want to strengthen you for what is to come because too many people are trying to make salvation seem like a cake walk and like it’s all about going to church every Sunday and that’s it. If that was the case then why so many people in the church are still lying, gossiping, cursing, smoking cigarettes, committing adultery, fornicating, and etc? It’s way more to it then just going to church! God isn’t looking for weak people who will only be saved for a few days and then revert back into their old lifestyle, but God is looking for soldiers who will submit to him, study his word every single day, pray, grow, seek his face, and to allow him to equip the man or the woman of God to win souls and to fight against the kingdom of darkness without fear. He wants those who are willing to suffer and to endure hardship for his name sake! Salvation is pretty much a crucifixion walk and if you’re not ready to suffer then you’re not ready to follow him; if you’re not ready to be hated then you don’t need to follow him, and if you’re not ready to be falsely accused, spoken against, or lose any friends then salvation is not for you and you don’t need to enlist yourselves in this army. I am not trying to discourage you but only trying to warn you because many preachers don’t tell you these things but I will tell you the truth today that it’s not easy. You will never know what your purpose is if you never go through any trials; you will never fulfill your purpose if you never endure hardship, and you could never answer the calling that God has bestowed upon your life if you’re not willing to suffer. God doesn’t only use suffering to shape and to mold us into the image of his son, but he also uses suffering to birth something out of us. Whenever a pregnant woman is in labor, she screams in agony as she pushes forth a child into the world. If I had never suffered and gone through half of the things that I went through, then THE POWER OF CELIBACY would’ve never been born. God wants you to endure hardship so that through him you could push out your own business, a ministry, a praise, a shout, a testimony, a hymn, or even push out his power to heal the sick and to cast out devils. JUST ENDURE THE PAIN AND PUSH!!!! And  from the days of john the baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. ( Matthew 11:12) Are you that willing vessel? Do you have what it takes? Will you be bold for Christ in these last days? Are you that soldier? Are you ready to suffer? If so, then if you’re not married get ready to be celibate, get ready to fight, get ready to pray, get ready to cry sometimes, get ready to be weary, get ready to walk alone, get ready to be alone, get ready to lose friends, get ready to be hated, but most of all, GET READY FOR HIS COMING!!!!

Vicky Pittard


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