RED FLAGS (Taking Heed To The Signs Part 2)


Even the smallest things you should take notice of!!! If he’s already calling you bae or baby after y’all have only been dating for two weeks then you better run for dear life because there’s a few screws missing from his head. He doesn’t even know you and to me that would indicate that he’s moving way too fast. And If he’s ever rude and very disrespectful towards a waitress concerning his food while you’re at a restaurant with him because they brought him the wrong order and he loses control or makes a big deal about the matter then that’s a major flag because I’ve actually went out on a date with a guy such as this and it completely turned me off. Such a man has an anger problem along with other issues as well but what if your children does something wrong? What if they accidentally broke something that belonged to him or offended him in some type of way how do you think his reaction would be? That’s why it’s very important not to ignore the flags once you see them because by ignoring them, you could be putting yourselves and your children lives in danger. GET TO KNOW THEM!!!!! and don’t be too quick in bringing a man around your people. Watch how he interacts with others, and if he appears to be too stand offish and don’t like to associate or communicate with other people then that’s a red flag because such a person is controlling and would try to poison and manipulate your mind into isolating yourselves completely from all of your friends and family members. All he wants to do is trap you into his own little world and place you in bondage. Whenever you find a man that’s texting you but never bother calling then that’s a red flag. Awhile back me and a guy exchanged numbers ( Though it never went any further than that ) and I remember him telling me that he really wasn’t a talker and didn’t like talking on the phone, and afterwards he would just send me text messages to my phone and I ended up blocking his number. Ladies that only showed me that he was hiding something; never to be trusted!!! and to a man I would tell you this: if you don’t like communicating by phone then you are not for me and God did not send you to me because I feel that if a man is really interested in me then he would want to hear my voice and would be eager to call me and not text unless he’s at work and cannot talk at the moment. We are living in some dark and evil times ladies and gentleman, and there’s nothing wrong with being picky nowadays and setting your standards completely high. It will save you from so much trouble, pain, and heartache if you would just take your time and stop rushing into these relationships. I’ve read numerous of stories about how women have left their children or child in the care of their boyfriends and the boyfriend ended up killing or molesting their kids, and no doubt, there had to been some type of red flags or signs before the incident occurred. So always keep the welfare of yourself, your children, and your family in mind whenever you’re dating.

Vicky Pittard


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