RED FLAGS ( Taking Heed To The Signs Part 1)

When you’ve been too busy and never really have time for anything, living by yourself, haven’t heard from your family or friends in awhile, but then you happen to be out and about and meet somebody while you’re enjoying your day, and get asked out on a date by a man who seems to be interesting, worthy enough to go on a date with, a man that you never thought would ask to take you out, then of course being human, we get excited! I don’t know about you but I do, and be wanting to share the news with everybody. Most of the times we hit up our friends on the phone even if we haven’t heard from them in weeks, just to tell them you’re going on a date. Which is something I wouldn’t advise due to past experience because it could save you from embarrassment. Trust me, you may never know how your first date will be because he could be a total nerd or a date from hell that could make you leave him right where he’s at. And because you had your hopes up very high by thinking he could be the one, instead you would feel humiliated by having to tell those same friends that he just wasn’t right for you. I feel that you should keep the matter private until you really get to know that person and once you’ve been seeing each other for awhile and you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with them, that’s when you should reveal him if that’s what you choose. Now every man will appear to be perfect in the beginning when you first start dating him. He’s tall, handsome, intelligent, well spoken of, speaks with authority, takes you to a nice lavish restaurant, he’s opening the doors for you, and y’all are having a great time. But if he’s being something or somebody that he’s really not then the real person will eventually come out because they can only pretend for so long. Don’t be blinded by the way that he looks or the way that he dresses; don’t be naive because he has money and opening the doors for you, and you’re seeing all the lavish food sitting right before you at a nice restaurant. The devil himself dresses up very well and can make himself look good with money, but on the inside is pure evil. You better learn to control your appetite and don’t appear too impressed by what you see, but pay close attention to his conversations, because only through a conversation will the heart of a man be revealed. For the bible says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks ( Matthew 12:34) so if he’s wicked and perverse then it will show up in his conversations. I want to talk about red flags in which we refer to as warning signs. And my definition of red flags is unrestrained behavior or attitude that can be detrimental in a relationship which could cause physical, mental, and spiritual harm. It could be so bad that once you have freed yourself from such a relationship that it can leave behind some very ugly scars. I’m going to list a few signs of red flags, and these are some of the signs that you should pay close attention to. Whenever you find a man talking about the mother of his children to you and calling her every name except for the child of God then that’s a red flag because it shows that he has no respect for women and that he will eventually do the same thing to you. And a decent man who loves himself and his children would never speak against the woman who brought forth his child or children into the world. Also pay close attention to his work attendance; if a man is always laying out of work for no apparent reason or he can’t seem to stay on a job for a long period of time then that’s a flag! That should tell you that he don’t wanna work and that you won’t be able to depend on him for anything. You’ll be paying your bills alone if he moves in with you, and would expect you to take care of him because there’s a lot of women that’s doing it.
Vicky Pittard

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