In today’s society, whenever you turn on the television or the radio you will always hear something pertaining to money and material possessions. We listen to the lyrics of songs and see the life of the rich and famous and even on social media (especially Facebook) you find many flashing their money wanting everybody to know that they got it. Yes we need money in order to survive and there’s nothing wrong with buying whatever your heart desire and living a comfortable lifestyle especially when you’ve worked so hard for it. Here is what I have seen, It is good and fitting for one to eat and drink and to enjoy the good of all his labor in which he toils under the sun all the days of his life which God gives him; for it is his heritage. ( Ecclesiastes 5:18) So being financially stable is a gift from God but where the problem begins to occur, is that when a person is blessed financially, they only live for the moment. And a person who only lives for the moment lacks much wisdom; why do I say that? because some of us are forgetting that one day we must die. I will be reading from the book of Ecclesiastes and will break it down to you. In Ecclesiastes 2:18-19 it reads: Then I hated all my labor in which I had toiled under the sun, because I must leave it to the man who will come after me. And who knows whether he will be wise or a fool? Yet he will rule over all my labor in which I toiled and in which I have shown myself wise under the sun, for this is also vanity. For those of you who love flashing and boasting about your money, my question to you is this, If you dropped dead right now, where and who will your money go to? Do you have it planned and figured out already? If you have cars and living in a house, are you buying them to own them so that you can enjoy them now? So that if anything ever happens to you then you can pass it down to your children or your children’s children so that all of your hard labor wouldn’t be in vain or go to a stranger. So many times I’ve heard of too many individuals dying, and family members fighting over who was getting what. They’re arguing about money, over clothes and things like that. People die without a will, and don’t bother creating a will while their living to keep down confusion when they die. It would definitely make It easier for everything to be divided, especially the ones who has a lot of possessions. So it’s time to stop showcasing money, and put it into good use. Be wise enough to enjoy the little that you may have right now and educate your children so they will know how to run any businesses, or manage whatever that you leave behind so they can continue the legacy. I do what I do for a reason, and I write for a reason because God has entrusted me with this task to reach out to help millions of people, and not only am I doing it for people, but I’m also doing it to leave behind a legacy. I want to leave to my grandchildren more than just material things, but I’m leaving behind writings and teachings so that when they grow up they will be able to read The Power Of Celibacy and live by it. I’m leaving behind testimonies, so they will know how to conduct themselves as men and women, and the importance of knowing and obeying God.



As many who enter the house of God on Sunday mornings to sing hymns, to pray, and bringing all of your problems to the altar, giving God all of the praises and cheerfully giving your tithes and offerings, sitting through the service listening to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the preacher brings forth the word. And when it gets close to the end of service and the doors of the church are opened, there is a call for salvation to anyone who wants to receive it. To the new believer in Christ or for anyone who’s thinking about giving their lives to the Lord and living for Him then I want to strengthen you for what is to come, because too many people are trying to make salvation seem like a cake walk and like it’s all about going to church every Sunday and that’s it; And because many are believing that, they never grow spiritually, and think it’s okay to do whatever that pleases the flesh. If it’s all about going to church every Sunday then why are so many so called believers in the church are still lying, gossiping, cursing, smoking cigarettes, committing adultery, fornicating, and drinking? It’s way more to it then just going to church! God isn’t looking for weak people who will only be saved for a few days and be saved only during the church service, then revert back to their old lifestyle, but God is looking for soldiers who will be humble and submit to Him, study His word each day, pray, grow spiritually, be obedient, bear fruits, and allow Him to equip the man or woman of God to win souls, and to fight against the kingdom of darkness without fear. He wants those who are willing to suffer and to endure hardship for His name sake! Salvation is pretty much a crucifixion walk and if you’re not ready to suffer then you’re not ready to follow Him; if you’re not ready to be hated then you don’t need to follow Him, and if you’re not ready to be falsely accused, spoken against, or lose any friends then salvation is not for you and you don’t need to enlist yourselves in this army. I am not trying to discourage anybody but only trying to warn you because many preachers don’t tell you these things, but I will tell you the truth that it’s not easy but in the end, it’ll definitely be worth it. You will never know what your purpose is if you never go through any trials, you will never fulfill your purpose if you never endure hardship, you would never call on God if everything was going good, and you could never answer the calling that God has bestowed upon your life if you’re not willing to suffer. God doesn’t only use suffering to shape and to mold us into the image of his Son, but He also uses suffering to birth something out of us. Whenever a pregnant woman is in labor, she screams in agony as she pushes forth a child into the world. If I had never suffered and gone through half of the things that I went through, then The Power Of Celibacy website would’ve never been born. God wants you to endure hardship so that through Him you could push out your own business, a ministry, a praise, a shout, a testimony, a breakthrough, or even push out His power to heal the sick and to cast out devils. No matter what it is, just endure the pain and push without giving up. And from the days of john the baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. ( Matthew 11:12) Are you that willing vessel? Do you have what it takes? Will you be bold for Christ in these last days? Are you that soldier? Are you ready to suffer? If so, then if you’re not married, get ready to be celibate, get ready to fight, get ready to pray, get ready to cry sometimes, get ready to grow weary, get ready to walk alone, get ready to be alone, get ready to lose friends, get ready to be hated, but most of all, get ready for His coming.

Vicky Pittard

RED FLAGS (Taking Heed To The Signs Part 2)


Even the smallest things you should take notice of. If he’s already calling you bae or baby after y’all have only been dating for a week or two, or if he’s ready to meet your kids and family then that’s definitely a sign. He doesn’t even know you and to me that would indicate that he’s moving way too fast. And for some of you, your children doesn’t need to meet him because they’ve already met five before him. If he’s ever rude and disrespectful towards a waitress concerning his food while you’re at a restaurant with him because they brought him the wrong order or made some kind of mistake and he loses control or makes a big deal about the matter then that’s a major flag, I’ve actually went out on a date with a guy such as this and it completely turned me off. Such a man has anger problems along with other issues and he has a nasty attitude. It’s ugly when a woman’s attitude is nasty but I can’t stand a man that has a nasty snobbish attitude. When he finally meets your children and they do something to offend him then what would his reaction be? That’s why it’s very important not to ignore the flags once you see them because by ignoring them, you could be putting yourselves, your family and children lives in danger. GET TO KNOW THEM! and don’t be too quick in bringing a man around your friends. Watch how he interacts with others, and if he appears to be too stand offish and don’t like to associate or communicate with other people, don’t like to have fun when you’re out with friends at a party, or at a get together, then that’s a red flag. Such a person to me would try to be controlling later on down the line and would try to poison and manipulate your mind into isolating yourselves completely from all of your friends and family members all because he’s a loner. All he wants to do is trap you into his own little world and place you into bondage. Whenever you find a man that’s texting you but never bother calling then that’s a red flag. Awhile back me and a guy exchanged numbers ( Though it never went any further than that ) and I remember him telling me that he really wasn’t a talker and didn’t like talking on the phone, and afterwards he would just send me text messages to my phone and I ended up blocking his number. Ladies that only showed me that he was hiding something although I wasn’t feeling him in the first place, and he couldn’t be trusted. Guys I would tell you this, if you don’t like communicating by phone then you are not for me and God did not send you to me because I feel that if a man is really interested in me then he would want to hear my voice and would be eager to call me and not text unless he’s at work and cannot talk at the moment. We are living in some dark and evil times people, and there’s nothing wrong with being picky nowadays and setting your standards completely high. It will save you from so much trouble, pain, and heartache if you would just take your time and stop rushing into these relationships. I’ve read too many stories about how women left their children in the hands of their boyfriends to babysit them and they end up murdered, molested, and in some cases pregnant. You have sick people out here doing everything and they don’t care, but care enough about your children by not bringing just anybody around them. Don’t mess up their lives all because you’re impatient and want to fulfill the lust of your flesh, and because you feel that you need a man. Just take your time!
Vicky Robinson

RED FLAGS ( Taking Heed To The Signs Part 1)

When you’ve been too busy and never really have time for anything, living by yourself, haven’t heard from your family or friends in awhile, but then you happen to be out and about and meet somebody while you’re enjoying your day, and get asked out on a date by a man who seems to be interesting, worthy enough to go on a date with, a man that you never thought would ask to take you out, then of course being human, we get excited! I don’t know about you but I do, and be wanting to share the news with everybody. Most of the times we hit up our friends on the phone even if we haven’t heard from them in weeks, just to tell them you’re going on a date. Which is something I wouldn’t advise due to past experience because it could save you from embarrassment. Trust me, you may never know how your first date will be because he could be a total nerd or a date from hell that could make you leave him right where he’s at. And because you had your hopes up very high by thinking he could be the one, instead you would feel humiliated by having to tell those same friends that he just wasn’t right for you. I feel that you should keep the matter private until you really get to know that person and once you’ve been seeing each other for awhile and you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with them, that’s when you should reveal him if that’s what you choose. Now every man will appear to be perfect in the beginning when you first start dating him. He’s tall, handsome, intelligent, well spoken of, speaks with authority, takes you to a nice lavish restaurant, he’s opening the doors for you, and y’all are having a great time. But if he’s being something or somebody that he’s really not then the real person will eventually come out because they can only pretend for so long. Don’t be blinded by the way that he looks or the way that he dresses; don’t be naive because he has money and opening the doors for you, and you’re seeing all the lavish food sitting right before you at a nice restaurant. The devil himself dresses up very well and can make himself look good with money, but on the inside is pure evil. You better learn to control your appetite and don’t appear too impressed by what you see, but pay close attention to his conversations, because only through a conversation will the heart of a man be revealed. For the bible says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks ( Matthew 12:34) so if he’s wicked and perverse then it will show up in his conversations. I want to talk about red flags in which we refer to as warning signs. And my definition of red flags is unrestrained behavior or attitude that can be detrimental in a relationship which could cause physical, mental, and spiritual harm. It could be so bad that once you have freed yourself from such a relationship that it can leave behind some very ugly scars. I’m going to list a few signs of red flags, and these are some of the signs that you should pay close attention to. Whenever you find a man talking about the mother of his children to you and calling her every name except for the child of God then that’s a red flag because it shows that he has no respect for women and that he will eventually do the same thing to you. And a decent man who loves himself and his children would never speak against the woman who brought forth his child or children into the world. Also pay close attention to his work attendance; if a man is always laying out of work for no apparent reason or he can’t seem to stay on a job for a long period of time then that’s a flag! That should tell you that he don’t wanna work and that you won’t be able to depend on him for anything. You’ll be paying your bills alone if he moves in with you, and would expect you to take care of him because there’s a lot of women that’s doing it.
Vicky Pittard