Baby Mama ( The Men Edition)

This is a topic I feel that all men should tune into because some of you have a woman or women with whom you share children with, and in some cases you may not be with the mother of your kids anymore but in a current relationship with someone else. In certain situations, there may be a lot of you who are finding yourselves being tossed in the middle of a battlefield between your girlfriend and your children’s mother because one doesn’t like the other, and they’re arguing constantly and going back and forth. And the reason for their hostility towards each other is because some of you are still sleeping around with the mother of your children while you’re in a current relationship with someone else (But that’s not always the case), but if you want to have a clear conscience and a heavy weight lifted off your shoulders, then it’s time to be a man and put all the nonsense behind you. Some boundaries needs to be set and you can make that happen by first being truthful. If you do not see yourself getting back together with the mother of your kids then stop sleeping with her and getting her feelings involved because she will only become more bitter that you’re with somebody else instead of her. Not only that but you’re selling her a dream because in her mind y’all are getting back together knowing that deep down inside you really don’t want to be with her. But instead you should just make everything plain and clear where things really stand between the two of you even if it’s just to coparent and nothing more, and if she cannot accept it then that would be on her and not you because you’ve done your part. When certain baby Mama’s refuse to let go, some can be very petty and childish and would try to figure out ways how to hurt and destroy a man. They figure that if they can’t have him then they would go run and take out child support on him knowing that he’s taking care of his responsibilities, but because he doesn’t want to be with you, then you try to be vindictive. Ladies you can’t make nobody want you and your attitude should be: As long as he’s taking care of his kids then that’s all that matters to me! But no that’s not your attitude because you would deny him the right to see his kids and would call the police on him for no apparent reason all because you’re mad and in your feelings. And fellas if you have children by such a woman as this then I would advise you to go through the legal system to have it set up to have visitation with your kids as often as you like because it can be done since they want to be so petty. Not all baby mother’s are like that though because there are many who are very mature and classy and can accept the situation as it is and still be cool with their children’s father without sleeping with him. And if a man is going to bring his children around his current girlfriend, then I think it would be fair for the mother and the girlfriend to meet if they are mature adults because the mother has a right to know who it is that her children are being around. If you’re no longer sleeping with the mother of your kids and she’s okay with the fact that you’ve moved on then why not make it happen? By doing it that way then everybody can be happy and getting along very well and the kids would be happy also.

Vicky Pittard


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