How To Know Whether Or Not A Man Has Really Changed

Every second there’s a break up that’s taking place somewhere around the world and most of the time every break up is due to some type of infidelity. Once a woman has ended her relationship with a man they are only apart for about one to three weeks and then she’s right back with him only to get the same results. He’s only good for the first two days but afterwards he’s back to his old ways again; lying and cheating as he was before. And then some of you wonder why he keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again and doing those things to you but the reason he keeps doing it is because you’re letting him. You’re not making him suffer long enough to come to his senses, and whenever he calls or text your phone begging and fake crying; leaving crazy messages on your voicemail then you fall for the trap and allow him back in, and the cycle repeats itself. But if you really want to see a difference instead of getting the same results then make him suffer and make him see what it’s really like being without you. One, two, three, or four weeks won’t do it either because sometimes you may have to let three to four months pass by or more just to show a man that you’re not about those games. Don’t answer his calls or respond to his text messages because your silence will only hurt him even more and make him wonder what you’re doing, and he will eventually become so desperate and would do just about anything to get you back but you must allow some time to pass by and don’t give in. You may be saying to yourself that if you let too much time pass by then he’ll be with someone else, but my question to you is this: Wasn’t he with somebody else while he was with you? And was he calling and texting other women while y’all was together? That was the reason you broke up with him in the first place right? And if it only takes three to six months for a man to get over you and move on to somebody else then he didn’t love you from the beginning. Stop taking him back so fast because that’s the problem, and if you follow my advice then you’ll see a difference in him because he will be broken. And whenever a person is broken, they are filled with sorrow! When you finally allow him to come back after so many months have passed then when he starts leaving his cell phone laying around without it being locked and showing you who’s calling or texting even when you didn’t ask him to do it, then he has changed. If he cancel some plans or an event just to spend some quality time with you then he definitely has changed. If he’s out with his friends and calls you to inform you about his where a bouts and ask you to come join him wherever he’s at then he has changed. Or if he’s hanging out with his friends but call it the night with them just to come home to you at a decent hour then he has changed. But this is something that he will do continually, and not just for a few days and then turn back into his old ways. A man can be tamed, but it would only take a strong woman to tame him…..


Vicky Pittard


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