How To Be Healed From A Broken Heart (Breaking The Soul Tie Part 2)

When his birthday weekend had approached, he called me early Saturday morning telling me that he had to work, but deep down in my spirit I felt that something just wasn’t right. And as soon as the sun had gone down that evening, my niece and I made a surprise visit to his house and once we got there, I saw that a party was going on at his house but once he saw me getting out of my car, he slammed the door in my face before I could reach his door because he had another woman in the house with him celebrating his birthday along with his friends. Then everything started coming to my mind, and I begin putting all of the pieces together that he only wanted my hard earned money to use it to celebrate his birthday with another woman and I became very upset, and a woman scorned. But before I left, I keyed his car and did three thousand dollars worth of damages to it. Was it right? Absolutely not but it felt good while I was doing it at the moment. And what did I gain from it? A restraining order to stay away from him although it eventually got thrown out of court. But after that incident I sunk into a deep depression and was sleeping a lot, I was forcing myself to eat because I couldn’t eat, I didn’t want to be bothered with anybody, I was angry, bitter, and I was taking it out on everybody. I cried many days and nights and I constantly prayed, but after a year and some months later i became stronger than ever. Although he moved on, I remained single because I just can’t do what everybody else does. I don’t know about him but I have a calling on my life and that calling requires a daily submission and making some sacrifices including refraining from sex. Therefore I couldn’t move on into another relationship because jumping into another relationship when you haven’t completely healed is a disaster waiting to happen, because you’re only using someone to get over somebody else and you will still be unhappy. And going to the club partying with your girlfriends isn’t going to help either, but you will only find yourself drinking more than usual because your mind will constantly be on him. Find positive things to do that will keep you busy, something that you really enjoy even if it’s just bonding with your children and that will ease your mind a little. Time heals all wounds and it can heal a broken heart but it’s up to you to allow that time to do what it needs to do. If you allow it then time will comfort you and bring you some peace, and once peace enter in, you will look at life in a totally different way and thank God for it. I am still enjoying that peace a year later, and sometimes I cry because I thank God for bringing me through it and making me realize that all I really needed was him. The man that hurt me is the same man who tries to reach out to me but his number has been blocked because I AM HEALED!!!!

Vicky Robinson

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