How To Be Healed From A Broken Heart (Breaking The Soul Tie Part 1)

A broken heart is something that all of us can relate to whether young or old because we’ve all experienced getting hurt, betrayed, used, or even abused at some point or another in our lifetime. Many of us handle our pain differently although most of the time the way that we deal with our pain does us more harm than good when we should just allow ourselves to heal in a natural way. And the key to healing in a natural way is call time. If you’ve just broken up with your significant other or either a man left you for somebody else or whatever the situation may be, then we as women take a break up very hard depending on how much we really loved that man. But I’m going to list some things that you should not do when you’re hurting and going through the process of healing. Do not listen to sad music that will remind you of the situation or that individual because all you will do is cry and wallow in your misery. If you want to listen to music then listen to the music that will build you up and strengthen you, and don’t go to the same places where y’all have spent quality time together or maybe hung out at because you’re trying to heal and move on. But not moving on into another relationship, but to strive at moving on into being at better place with yourself. A man could break up with you today and be with another woman tomorrow and be out and about having a good time, but we as women would have pity parties by sitting at home calling one friend after another reciting the same story about what had happened that led to the break up. But it’s really not good for your friends to know what’s going on because they think that they have your best interest at heart and would start calling to inform you about his where about and telling you every move that he makes, and telling you who he’s with, and that will only hurt you even more. But you need to go through a period of cleansing; getting all of that toxin out of you that you have accumulated through that relationship and just cry, getting everything out because as the time progress you will get tired of crying and eventually you’ll stop. It took me a year and some months to get over the last man that I was involved with about a year ago, and my progress of healing was hard for me because I took the break up very hard, but I also knew what God was doing which was removing him completely out of my life. One particular evening he came to my house and asked if he could borrow one hundred dollars from me and deep down inside I really didn’t want to lend the money to him, but because I loved him, I let him borrow the money which turned out to being the worst mistake I made.

Vicky Robinson

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