It’s Cheaper To Keep Them (The Men Edition)

 I don’t think many would find this site to be appealing and especially the guys because they’re probably thinking that this is a women’s empowerment site, and thinking that I’m only advising all single women to close their legs which is a good idea and to take a stand against the men of our generation. Not exactly that though!!!! I write based on what I see and would love to see both men and women do better. But we all could learn something from somebody right? I can learn something from a man the same way that a man could learn something from me, so today I will be encouraging all men. You’ve probably heard many women say that a good man is hard to find but I’m very sure that men feel the same way about a woman as well because now days you find many women who are loose and looking for cake daddies; looking for ways to getting money instead of making it the right way by going to work everyday, but instead they would rather lay on their backs for it and different men are going in and out of their beds and these type of women don’t care who they manipulate to getting whatever it is that they want. Some of you men already have good women at home but you would jeopardize your relationship by cheating with such women who doesn’t carry themselves worthy of respect, but has a bad name and walking around carrying every sexually transmitted diseases there is. And the biggest mistake that a lot of you guys make is getting with them and talking too much by telling them everything. You’re telling them where you live at, telling them where your woman works at, telling them her first and last name, giving them information they don’t need to know anything about not thinking that they only want to know these things because they’re plotting and setting you up for the day you make them angry because in reality they’re undercover home wreckers and trouble makers who are looking for ways to destroying a relationship they did not build only if you allow them to because no other woman should ever know anything about your house or family. But instead of some of you thinking with your minds, you’re too busy looking at their bodies. Now do you really think you’re the only one who’s kissing on her thighs, rubbing on her breast, kissing all over her neck, laying in her bed, and the only one she’s making love to? One man leaves then another one comes and you’ll find yourself spending more money than usual because most women like that have habits and addictions; they pop and snort pills, smoke blunts like they’re smoking cigarettes​, and they drink alcohol like they’re one of your homeboys. But you spend less time with the woman who truly loves you and doesn’t ask you for much only just to entertain trash, and somebody who ain’t even worth a conversation. But just remember this one thing, that a good woman only comes once in a lifetime but afterwards you will never find another like her! Don’t ever be deceived in thinking that a woman doesn’t get tired because eventually she will, and don’t ever think it’s all about you and that she’ll never leave because you can definitely be replaced.

Vicky Pittard


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