The Spirit Of Pride; The Curse Of An Hourglass Figure

Living in times like this, everyone seems to be obsessed with having an hourglass figure and especially with having a big butt and flat stomach. As far as I can remember, it became the most talked about, the most popular, and the must have thing back in 2005 and I was one of many people seeking ways to having such a body. I became successful at it back in 2007. I was very skinny growing up and I suffered from depression behind it, and had very low self esteem because people always picked on me because of my size. But I was very beautiful although I was 5″11 weighing 110-120 pounds. Guys use to always tell me when I was a teenager that if I gained at least twenty to thirty pounds, that I would be the baddest girl in Athens, Georgia. But during my eight month stay at the half way house back in 2004, I gained weight only to lose it once I relapsed back into sin and started smoking cigarettes. But I noticed that when I did gain weight, I gained it all in the right places such as my butt, thighs, and my hips. And in 2007, I ordered a formula from Gold Medal Hair Products that was called Body Shaper, and I had to mix it with milk and drink it twice a day for two weeks and the results were incredible. I became very thick and fine as most men would say, and my back side grew humongous and I was very pleased at what I saw in the mirror. I never had a body like that and I became very arrogant and conceited. Men at my job knew what time I took my bathroom breaks each night and would all gather outside of the women’s restroom waiting for me to come out, and once I came out, I felt like a superstar because I knew they were all waiting for me and I flaunted and paraded my body with pride and received much praise. But what they didn’t know was that I had a secret, and the secret was that there was a war going on inside of me and I was fighting against myself because once I gained the weight, I struggled very hard in keeping the weight on because it was so easy for me to lose weight, the same way an over weight person who loses the weight, struggles in keeping the weight off. When I was making myself get big, my body wanted to stay small and I fought this battle for four years. In the book of Proverbs 29:23 it says; A man’s pride will bring him low, but the humble in spirit will retain honor. And indeed my pride brought me very low, and it became a major fall causing much disappointment because all of the praises that I was getting for my voluptuous back side and nice curves, soon turned into ridicule and disbelief in everybody’s eyes. I was struck with a sickness back in 2008 or either 2009 that caused me not to have an appetite and it lingered for weeks. I lost so much weight in the process and was so sick and in pain that I eventually took a trip to the hospital to learn that I had an intestinal virus. I became very ashamed after all of my weight was gone but the Lord used that situation to humble me, and people were whispering and talking about me thinking that I had gotten on drugs, and even one of my so called friends at the time didn’t make it any better for me because she was always reminding me of how smaller I was becoming each day. Once again, the weight loss made me humble and brought me back to reality because even when I had the body, I was still being cheated on. And although I was getting all the praises and the attention, in the end it profited me nothing. I encourage women all over the world that if you do spend money or exercise to get the body that you want then it’s nothing wrong with that just as long as you’re doing it for you, but never do it for a man or to get a man, or do it just for the attention because people staring and harassing you just isn’t worth it. Eventually it will become a burden when you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons, and it definitely doesn’t bring any happiness. Today I still have an hourglass figure and I do not struggle anymore with keeping the weight on, but my attitude is totally different now. I live for the Lord and I belong to Him and therefore walk with integrity and do not flaunt my body in no type of way, and I’ve also warned others not to make comments about my body.

Vicky Robinson

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