The Confession Of A Former Side Chick

For those of you who intentionally try to ruin somebody’s marriage or get a kick out of destroying families and household, then this article is for you. Or for those who are secretly the other woman or the side chick, then I’m definitely writing this for you because you need to understand what role you’re really playing and why it’s so important for you to break free from such an unhealthy love triangle. I want to start off by saying that it’s very easy for a man to sleep with you and not think anything else about you once he’s finished, especially if he already has a woman that he truly loves and cares about. You may be saying that if he loves her then he wouldn’t be cheating on her, which is correct. As to why some men still cheat when he loves somebody else? I cannot answer that because I’m not a man, but what I can say is that you don’t have to be the other woman that he uses whenever he wants to have sex and then get up and go back home. You deserve so much better! And it doesn’t matter how pretty and thick you are or how good that you are, but you can never take the place of a woman that a man already has. That’s a war that will never be won so why try to compete and make a fool of yourself? And if you take him from her then its only because their relationship was rocky before you came into the picture and they was on the verge of breaking up anyway, but other than that, you do not stand a chance. You will find most guys who will talk about their wives or their girlfriends to the woman they’re sleeping around with and complaining to them about how he’s not happy and telling the side chick what the wife or the girlfriend doesn’t do and revealing the areas where she’s lacking. And as a former side chick I use to listen to him and figure out ways how I could be better than his woman in order to win his heart, but it wasn’t married men that I was sleeping with, only the guys who already had girlfriends. I was hoping that he would leave her and move in with me but instead of me winning his heart, I became a fool. I found myself cooking for him home cooked meals or either buying him something from a restaurant and taking it to his job, sexing him real good whenever he wanted it, and buying myself nice fancy clothes trying to look sexy for him to impress him. But ladies none of those things meant anything because at the end of the day he went right back home to the same woman he talked about to me. You will never be the one sitting at the table with him and his family members during The 4th Of July, Thanksgiving, the Christmas holiday seasons, and it’s worse when he won’t even bother texting you to wish you a happy holidays. You’re not the ones who will get the large teddy bear, balloons, dinner, and the ring on Valentine’s Day. And if he takes you anywhere then he will do it when it’s dark outside or either take you out of town or to another area so that nobody will see him. He may even take you around some of his friends to show you off to his home boys only because you’re his trophy for that day, but afterwards a trophy goes back on the shelf where it sits to collect dust. That sounded pretty harsh but it’s time for women to grow up and face reality and stop letting men use you who already has a woman. And some of you boast proudly talking about you’re getting money or he got my nails done, or he paid my cell phone bill or my cable bill, or he paid for my lace front. Really? I could pay for those things with a McDonalds paycheck if I was working there. You’re no different than a person who eats a meal from their table and once they are finished, they take the bones and the scraps that’s left over and throw it out to the dogs. AND YOU ARE THAT DOG!!!! Tell me this, what’s thirty dollars to get your nails done? Or fifty or sixty dollars to pay your phone bill? Or a forty-five dollar boot leg lace front that you got done at one of your home girls house? Or you’re probably not getting anything because he’s too busy taking care of his family. Once again, you deserve far better. Take your time and allow God to send you somebody who’s going to love you the way that you deserve to be loved. Somebody that’s willing to marry you, build with you, put you and your children in a house and love them as if they were his own. But instead you choose to be used, and then you get upset when he sends your calls to the voicemail and don’t respond to any of your text messages when you already knew what it was from the beginning. You’re the side chick, that’s what you signed up for because you feel that you can’t do any better so bear the treatment that comes along with it. Learn to love and respect yourselves by not allowing a man to have his woman and you too. Don’t waste your time dealing with somebody like that because they’re not gonna leave. But just be the strong woman that you really are and walk away from that situation.

Vicky Robinson

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