Prison Years (Part 1)

Although I was only a baby in Christ and was wrestling with demons in my sleep, I learned about spiritual warfare and that by calling on the name of Jesus, demons would flee from me. I don’t remember how long I stayed at Metro State Prison but it wasn’t my permanent stay because I was shipped again, but this time I ended up in Hawkinsville Georgia at Pulaski State Prison. During the entire time when I was at Metro, the boyfriend that I fought over and nearly killed a woman for (who is also the father of my son) supported me for a period of time, and was still doing so once I made it to Pulaski but then all of a sudden he stopped. I called his house one evening because I wanted to talk to him and hear his voice only to hear the voice of another woman answering his telephone and I was devastated, and It felt like someone stabbed me in the heart. I was so hurt because all I could think about was that I was in the situation that I was in because of him. All of the cheating and lying led me to snapping and at that moment I really wanted to die and was thinking about committing suicide but I couldn’t do it because my children would never see me again, and God wanted to reveal himself to me and allowed me to get hurt so that all contact between me and this man would end for good, and it took me years to get over him. Throughout my journey at Pulaski, I witnessed the power of God like never before and saw miraculous things behind prison walls that I never revealed to anyone. I attended church services on a regular basis and read God’s word along with prayer and I started to grow spiritually in him. Then I noticed that when I slept during the nights, I started having these dreams that seemed so real and whatever I dreamed about, happened. I dreamed that a woman committed suicide in prison and a few days later it came to pass. Still being young in Christ and not fully understanding what was happening or why I was having these dreams, I went to a service one night and was approached by a prophetess and she said to me: God said that the dreams that you are having are real, and that blew my mind because I never told anybody about me having any dreams and I knew that only God had revealed that to her. Every single night I was seeing a premonition from the Lord, but I didn’t know at the time that I had a prophetic anointing on my life. One particular night I walked through my dad’s house in the spirit and saw that something was wrong with his toilet, and I called my dad the next day and asked if there was something wrong with his toilet and he told me yes and he asked me how did I know, and I told my dad that I had walked through his house last night in a dream. There were many born again believers at Pulaski so I understood why God wanted me there so that I could listen to them and learn from them as well. And because God wanted me to be delivered and set free, he sent a powerful well known woman of God into my mist who was also a pastor and an inmate there. She performed exorcism on me when we were outside on the yard one evening, and she was accompanied by another believer in Christ and there was another woman sitting beside me who was waiting her turn to be delivered as well. When the pastor begin calling out demons that was in me, she told me to cough, and when I started coughing I begin vomiting. As she was calling out different demons, I kept vomiting until they were all gone. After that she told me that God said that I needed to fully surrender to him which I didn’t understand because I had given my life to him and was filled with his spirit but when I look back over my life, I now realize that what God was saying is that I hadn’t given everything to him and didn’t allow him to deal with my weaknesses. My birthdays and holidays were the most difficult time for me being behind prison walls, and there was never a day that I did not pray and ask God to let me go home. I knew that I had done wrong but I couldn’t understand why I had to do so much time when I had never been in trouble before. I was frustrated throughout the years and would get angry a lot and was always asking God why, until he finally revealed to me why in my fifth year in prison. I was sitting in the TV room early one morning watching television and I felt this strong urge in my spirit to call home. As I continued sitting there, the urge got stronger and stronger and I perceived that it was the Lord telling me to call home. When I finally called my mother she said to me: You must’ve heard? And I said: Heard what? And then she told me that the man whom I had fought over and was in prison for (And who is the father of my second son) had stabbed his girlfriend to death and was sitting in the county jail for murder and I dropped my mouth in disbelief.

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