Reaping The Harvest (Part 2)

When I entered the courtroom I was nervous and all alone surrounded by my lawyer, the victim, the prosecutor, and the judge. My father had my children so he couldn’t be there by my side, and my mother? She wasn’t there for me and didn’t bother coming to court with me. My lawyer begged me not to crank up the jury so I didn’t, but I did take the stand to explain my side of the story and I took the plea bargain that was offered to me. So on June 3, 1998, I was sentenced to eight years in prison. Everything that I had taken for granted, I longed for which was my freedom, my children, and my family. I was going from doing whatever I wanted to do to being told what to do, and once I was led out of the courtroom In handcuffs, I broke down and cried once I was taken downstairs to a holding cell and my cousin who was a sheriff at that time, comforted and encouraged me. I stayed in the county jail five weeks after my conviction and I was then shipped to Metro State Prison in Atlanta which was also called diagnostics and it was like a boot camp. I was extremely terrified although I didn’t let my fear show because I had never in my life been to prison. When me and other prisoners entered through the gates, my heart dropped when women who were bound by the spirit of homosexuality begin yelling out: FRESH MEAT. But when God has a calling on your life, he will not let no demon from hell touch you! He will let no evil befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling; For he shall give his angel charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. In their hands they shall bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone. (Psalm 91:10-12.) I didn’t worry about anything because God was with me. When I became settled in my room, my goal was to search every religion there was to get out of that place but little did I know that I was in for a long ride. I went to a Catholic church service one evening and was given a rosary bead and they showed me and others how to pray with the beads. Afterwards I left the service once it was over and returned to my dorm and prayed that night with the beads. Deep down inside I felt that something wasn’t right about praying over a rosary, and It felt like I was talking to a stone, and my mind was very heavy. But the Lord was slowly letting me know that the way that I was going about seeking him wasn’t the way, and I eventually stop using the beads. Since this was eighteen years ago, I can’t exactly remember how I learned about salvation but I do remember reading some kind of book that had the salvation prayer written inside of it and once I read it aloud and asked God to fill me with His holy spirit, then I knew in my heart that this was the right way because on that very same night when I had fallen asleep, out of know where, demons begin pulling all over my body in a dream, and they were trying to drag me off the bed. They were sitting on me and I couldn’t move because I was paralyzed by their strength. I am not glorifying the devil, but demons are very very strong and it’s nothing compared to human strength, and they are very much real. I started screaming out for my roommates (I had three roommates) one in particular whose name was Christy and who was pregnant at that time. I kept yelling and screaming out but none of them could hear me because I was yelling and screaming in my dream until I said JESUS, and then I noticed that the demons begin loosening their grip on me once I called on His name. And I begin saying His name over and over again JESUS JESUS, and they lifted up off of me and I woke up.
Vicky Pittard

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