Reaping The Harvest (Part 1)

Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent, because he has appointed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by the man whom he has ordained: Acts 17:30-31. In my last articles that I’d written in Exposing Myself part 1, 2, and 3, those events took place after my release from prison. But years prior to that, I was living in rebellion and committing all type of sins starting at a very young age from fifteen up until I was twenty two years old. My sins had reached its full peak and God had enough because I knew right from wrong in spite of my age and it was my time for judgement and reaping the harvest. The Lord had prison chains awaiting me to keep from wiping me completely off the face of the earth. He is indeed a loving and merciful God, full of compassion and long suffering but his mercy does run out because there’s only so much that God will tolerate and sin has to be dealt with and it will never go unpunished. He showed his kindness towards me because he knew that I was young and ignorant because my parents wasn’t teaching me anything because they were both in their mess, spiritually bound and doing their own thing so I was pretty much on my own with no one to discipline me, and like a lost sheep without a Shepherd. On April 3, 1997, I was twenty two years old and seven months pregnant with my now nineteen year old son. Me and another woman got into an altercation about a man. Now a man has always been my downfall as I’ve stated in other articles, and every demon that had me bound manifested themselves that day because I was filled with jealousy and rage and my voice completely changed. I had never been that angry in my lifetime and I haven’t been that angry since then and one thing led to another and I ended up stabbing the woman multiple times and accidentally wounding her daughter as well while she was holding her, not being in my right state of mind. I was yelling at her with a very evil and demonic voice telling the woman to hand me my boyfriend keys because she pulled up at his house driving his car but he wasn’t at home. A friend of mine had called me informing me that the woman was on her way to his house and that’s when I took a trip out there also and brought a steak knife with me but the man wasn’t there. He had a feeling I was coming, and he left. By the grace of God, neither the woman nor the child died in the attack. She eventually threw his keys to the ground and fled and I fled also. Later on that day, I was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault and spent two days in jail, and afterwards I was released on bail. I gave birth to my son in June of that same year and was able to spend almost a year with him. Throughout those eleven months I didn’t humble myself or change my ways but instead I was proud and exalted myself because of what I had done and the Lord was not pleased. I was still sleeping around without care in the world although my attitude didn’t go unnoticed because God turned my pride into sorrow as my days of freedom was coming to an end. On the morning of June 3, 1998, I kissed my eleven month old baby on the cheek while he was still sleeping, and kissed my oldest son as well who was at the time four years old and left to go to court only to return six years and four months later.

imageVicky Robinson

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