Know Your Worth

There are women that I know who has been with their significant other for a very long time. Some five, seven, ten, and even sixteen years together and they’re still not married; something that is very hard for me to understand. My question to you is this, why perform the duties of a wife and not actually be the wife? Why hasn’t he popped the question after being with you for so many years? I will tell you why! It is because you have became too comfortable to where you’re not mentioning or pushing the issue concerning marriage because as long as you have a man in the house with you then that’s all that matters to you. You’re thinking in your mind that as long as he comes home to you then everything is okay. But in my opinion you are a woman who would just settle for anything because if you truly love yourself and consider yourself as valuable then you would make your demands, let it be known what you want, and stand firm in what you believe and deserve. What you are is what you will attract! If you’re broken then you will attract someone else who’s broken, and if you have low self-esteem, then that’s what you’ll get; if you don’t know what you want, then you will attract a man who doesn’t know what he wants either. And once he sees all of the characteristics in you that he see in himself that you’re pretty much like him then he will never see the need for marriage or settling down with you. From the very beginning you should already have your mind made up about what you want and what you’re looking for in a man. When you’re dating a man, that man should be able to say in the back of his mind: Now there’s just something about this woman that stands out; I don’t know what it is but it’s just something about her. There should be something that stands out about you that would tell a man that you’re everything that he needs and more, you’re everything that he wants and that you are the wife material without you having to say a word. Ladies we could get anything we want without having to sleep with a man because the way that you carry and present yourself will speak for itself and will tell a man everything that he needs to know about you. When a man sees that you’re a woman who’s all about your business, independent, strong, and confident then he wouldn’t have a choice but to fall in line and give you the respect that you so deserve. He will see that he cannot walk all over you or mistreat you; he will also see that you’re very independent and really don’t need him. And if he overstep his boundaries in any way then he know that he would quickly be dismissed. Be that woman who knows her worth and stop settling for anything because you’ll definitely see a difference in a man’s attitude towards you. God did not place you here to be a girlfriend but a wife. Think like a man? No!!! think like God and know your worth.

8 thoughts on “Know Your Worth”

  1. This is very powerful, you should present this is some kind of seminar for women.So many women just settle to have a man when they can have so much more. I know as men we lack in taking authority at times also and sometimes it may take that Queen to build up that man for him to realize he can be a King. This was a great piece of work you displayed sorry for getting off the subject..

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