Give God Something To Work With

As women we all desire that knight and shining armor, we all desire that right man to come along and to sweep us off of our feet and we all want that good man and constantly pray to God for him and try to wait patiently for God to answer our prayers. But then we begin to realize that months, weeks, and even years have passed by and wonder whether or not God has been listening to our prayers because we have become frustrated and sometimes angry when we receive no answer from him. But throughout my spiritual journey I have learned and yet still learning about God that in order for Him to give us the best then we have to put ourselves in a position to receive what we’re asking of him. Do you want a good man? Then you will have to prepare yourself and also allow God to prepare you as well. You got to give God something to work with! Some of you may be saying well what do you mean by giving God something to work with? What I mean is that there will be some sacrifices that need to be made. Sacrifices that will be painful, uncomfortable, but at the end worth it. You will have to give up some things such as bad habits, entertaining and being around the wrong people, and there will be places where you would need to stop going and hanging out every weekend or every other weekend such as the night clubs and bars because remember you’re getting yourself ready to become a wife which means you will need to be at home with your husband and children, not in the streets all the time and there can be no half stepping. It’s so easy to say, oh I’m ready! but in reality you’re not and God knows that too. If there’s a man out there who has a relationship with the Lord and he’s spending time in prayer, feeding his spirit each day by reading God’s word and he knows that he’s in the will of God and doing those things which pleases the Lord such as honoring his body and exercising self control then such a man would also seek a woman with the same mind frame. I myself live a celibate lifestyle and I have a relationship with the Lord and I definitely wouldn’t want a man who doesn’t know God or doesn’t have a relationship with Him who’s sleeping around with every woman under the sun and a decent man wouldn’t want a woman like that either. You can’t expect God to answer your prayers and send you a man when you’re still sleeping with your exe boyfriend, your children’s father, or somebody at your job, or either somebody else’s husband. You’re not ready for a man when you’re always in the streets and at somebody’s house gossiping, being in everybody’s business, acting foolish, being petty, on the phone twenty four hours a day creating all types of drama. You can’t cook and don’t clean up your house and every weekend you got a card game going on at your house with loud music playing and with people going in and out of your house drinking and partying like it’s New Year’s Eve. Your friends wouldn’t have to go to the clubs anymore because the club is at your house. Let’s get it together ladies and prepare yourself and if you have young children then they need to be house trained, well mannered, obedient, and respectful to any positive male influence who are willing to be apart of their lives. God wants you fully complete and lacking nothing so therefore give up wasting useless time entertaining Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter by taking pictures of yourself exposing your body parts and revealing your nakedness, bringing shame and dishonor to your bodies and gaining a bad reputation. Give God something to work with and watch him bless you.

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